Top Five Must-See Shows in Phoenix This Weekend

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Saturday, March 9: Matt & Kim @ Marquee Theatre

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino do whatever they want. They play with whatever kind of bands they want, they get naked in videos, they do the "Harlem Shake," and they picked a band name, Matt & Kim, that immediately establishes their singular style of indie/pop.

"Where we make most sense is where people want to jump around and go crazy," Johnson explains. "Where we make least sense is where people just want to stand around and look at their shoes. So sometimes bands that people would think, 'That makes sense in an indie world that they would play together,' but it's very laid back and that's not where we make sense. We make sense wherever it's just like, people want to get wild. We've toured with punk bands back earlier on even. People are always wondering how that's going to work and we're like, 'No, we just need to be with bands that people want to get wild with.'" -- Taylor Moon

Read our Q&A with Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim.

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