Top Five Must-See Shows This Week

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Tuedsay, August 14: Piñata Protest @ Rhythm Room

The accordion might not seem like the most obvious instrument with which to crank out fiery punk rock, but Piñata Protest use the traditional squeeze box in unexpected ways on their debut album, Plethora (released on the Hickoids' Saustex label). The San Antonio band fuses together punk tempos with Tejano and conjunto styles, proving once again that polka and punk rhythms are essentially the same.

Singing in English and Spanish, Alvaro Del Norte manipulates his accordion and chants fast, nonstop rants like "Suckcess" and "Maquilapolis," combining blue-collar lyrical laments with festively energetic music.

"Jackeee" and "Denied Rights" may be tales of desperation and social alienation, evoking the manic ska-punk rebellion of Gogol Bordello and Mano Negra, but Piñata Protest also show a goofily romantic side on sillier tracks like "Love Taco" and "Cold Fries." -- Falling James

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