Top Five Must-See Shows This Week

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Monday, July 23: Summer Slaughter Tour 2012: Featuring Cannibal Corpse @ Venue Scottsdale

Buffalo, New York-based death-metal legend Cannibal Corpse has been going strong for some 23 years now, longer than many of its younger fans have likely been alive. That, however, is the beauty of that musical style and of Cannibal Corpse in particular.

As long as there is a new, fresh crop of teenagers hell-bent on exorcising some demons and pissing off their parents, the band will live forever. As the quintet's name indicates, this is an act that has never shied away from exploring the grim, gory, and gruesome in its lyrics, and it favors a sound that is purposefully ear-shatteringly loud and lightning fast.

With so many former Warped Tour types now trying to imitate death metal, though, it's refreshing to see legends of the genre carrying it out properly: no holds barred and ugly as ever. --Arielle Castillo

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