Top Five Must-See Shows This Week

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Tuesday, July 24: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ Crescent Ballroom

The Dirty Dozen got their start in 1977 from the remnants of the then Tornado Brass Band -- which was previously known as the Hurricane Brass Band before being known as Fairview Baptist Church Marching Band. The band released their first album, My Feet Can't Fail Me Now, in 1984 after years of playing gigs in New Orleans, as well as some abroad. Over a dozen albums and numerous lineup shifts later, The Dirty Dozen are still gigging rather regularly in 2011 -- as they should be.

The Dirty Dozen are one of the most influential brass bands to emerge from New Orleans, being one of the first brass bands to incorporate elements of funk, R&B and bebop with the traditional New Orleans style.

There's just no escaping the allure of a brass band -- especially here in the desert. It's simply not everyday a band like the Dirty Dozen comes to town with their rambunctious style -- a mixture of modern funk and R&B with the more traditional New Orleans style. --Michael Lopez

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