Top Five Must-See Shows This Week

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Tuesday, July 24: St. Ranger and The Cigs @ Trunk Space

The Cigs are a mysterious sort of band, whose online presence is deliberately scarce, offering nothing much beyond a spartan Facebook profile and a BandCamp page hosting their debut (?) LP, Full Flavor.

Championed by deejay River Jones (of the River Jones Music Label) on his "National Local" show on KUKQ, the record has quickly and steadily gained traction among listeners. Songs like minimalist New Wave head-bobber "I Left My Burrito on Broadway" and the faux hip-hop of "Sexy Cop" charm with sarcastic vibes, while "How Come You Fell" achieves the kind of blissful melancholy pop the everyone dug from Broken Social Scene's You Forgot it In People.

The Cigs are joined by St. Ranger, a band described by New Times' Chase Kamp as "the most promising young band in Phoenix," whose Life Coach has proven to be one of 2012's most ecstatic highlights. "Plenty of beautiful Grizzly Bear/Animal Collective group harmonies," Kamp writes, "with the expressive syncopated percussion that lesser indie-pop projects don't realize is key to those bands' impact." -- Jason P. Woodbury

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