Top Five Must-See Shows This Weekend

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Friday, May 25: Star Wars Turns 35 Featuring The Mission Creeps @ Rips Ales and Cocktails You don't need a Comicon pass to get into this one because, well, it's about four miles from Phoenix Convention Center. It's not quite a galaxy far, far away, but it might be worth it to make the trek to Rip's to show off your sick Jabba costume. After all, you've been consuming 7,000 calories a day just to fit into it. Locals Manual Sex Drive and Family Secret, along with Tucson's Mission Creeps, hold down the fort. Or should we say ship? No. Too many puns. -- Christina Caldwell

Saturday, May 26: Nadia Ali @ Monarch Theatre

When the proprietors of the Monarch Theatre stated they wanted the downtown Phoenix venue to become one of the premier forums for electronic dance music in the Valley, they weren't screwing around. In the four weeks since the joint debuted, it's featured such top-shelf EDM tastemakers as New York trance god Victor Dinaire and Detroit house music mensch Anthony Attalla. Things will be just as star-studded during the grand opening of the Monarch Theatre, 122 East Washington Street, this weekend. Valley EDM promoters Relentless Beats will then debut their new weekly affair on Saturday, May 25, with a performance by Grammy-nominated electronica songstress Nadia Ali and a spin session by Turner and Heit. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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