Trunk Space: 20 Favorite Shows From the Last Decade

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Lemuria One of the times Lemuria played, the mic stand broke or something halfway through a song, and I had to pick up the microphone and hold it to Sheena's mouth for the rest of the song. A couple years ago, I was invited to a writing conference that I couldn't really afford to attend. Tristan put together a fundraiser show for me at the Trunk Space, complete with a raffle, a bake sale, music by some of my favorite friends' bands, and readings. I made enough to get a plane ticket and buy a personal pan pizza at the airport. -- Erin Caldwell

Dear Nora/Asleep in the Sea/Lightning Bolt "The first time I saw Dear Nora perform with the Golden Boots as her backing band, mind blown with magical feelings; the dramatic ritual music of Djentrification (and Sexpen); the last Asleep in the Sea show because it seemed like the end of an era, the chaos and intensity of watching Lightning Bolt perform in a really packed venue, watching the band Women perform an incredible set on their last tour, The Chronicles of Sheriff Joe Arpaio seven-inch release show because everyone who played was a hero that night, and The Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle performance and art installation because we had never done an art installation before and the second night of this show was extremely memorable for the Treasure Mammal familia. -- Abe Gil

Jason Webly Jason Webly played here before we even had a stage. The first couple of months. -- Stephanie Carrico

He barged his way onto a punk show, like a leather jacket, snarling punk show. He wouldn't take no for an answer. -- JRC

He showed up and he was on tour and there were two local punk bands on the bill. He was this little hippie guy with long hair. They were like, "You have to go on first." And he was like, "Is there anyway I could play second?" He says, "I'm on tour," and finally we convinced one of the punk bands to go on first, but it was 9 p.m. by the time we got them on and it was a huge pain in the butt.

The first band played and there was probably 40 punks here. Then everybody went outside except for three guys. Jason came out and had this monkey mask on and his accordion and he just belted out this song with all his might and the one punk guy ran outside and was like, "You guys gotta see this!" And everybody came back in and by the end of his set he had everybody arm-in-arm singing sea shanty songs.

The other punk band was like we don't want to follow that--the night's perfect the way it is. They didn't even play. It was just the way he was able to turn the whole entire crowd around because they were so mad and they just wanted nothing to do with him and by the end they were all like, "We love you!" So that really stood out and was sort of this first Trunk Space magic moment cause we were new and it was just really magic. -- Carrico

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