Tucker Woodbury and Charlie Levy Bringing Country Joint The Western to Scottsdale

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The Western will be located in the old Sugar Shack sports bar located along Fifth Avenue, near the street's intersection with Indian School Road on the edge of Old Town Scottsdale (hence the establishment's cute subtitle, "Cowboys and Indian School").

The 54-year-old entrepreneur (who isn't kin to New Times music editor Jason P. Woodbury, by the way) told Up on the Sun that it's sort of a revival of the old Rocking Horse country bar he owned in the late '80s/early '90s, across from the equally rustic Coach House.

Much like his old joint, which was destroyed by fire in 1996, Woodbury will offer a vintage honky-tonk vibe, a calendar filled with rootsy musicians and country bands, and plenty of room to dance.

"Ever since . . . The Rocking Horse burned down, there really hasn't been a real-deal kind of Austin-esque roadhouse in the greater Phoenix area, with the exception of maybe Handlebar-J's," he says. "And when I use the phrase 'Austin-esque,' that's probably the best way to characterize it. Like a comfortably rough-and-tumble little roadhouse if nothing else, but nicely appointed. I've told people that what The Little Woody is to neighborhood dive bars, this will be to honky-tonks."

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