Tucker Woodbury and Charlie Levy Bringing Country Joint The Western to Scottsdale

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The now-defunct Sugar Shack in Scottsdale, which is being transformed into The Western.Woodbury adds that The Western, while stylish, will feel "legit" and not like "some franchised-out, brand-spanking-new" cowboy club.

"Its not a pop-country bar or the kind of country bar that's defined in this day and age," he says.

Woodbury is aiming to open during the first week of April and offer the same sort of Americana-laden musical menu as the Rocking Horse.

"It was a really cool venue," he says. "We did country on weekend and then programmed it with nationals. Brought in everybody from Son Volt, Wilco, Joe Ely, Michelle Shocked . . . all these really great bands. And this is just derivative of that. We're not doing anything new; we're not reinventing the wheel here. It's like, 'Okay, here's a chance to do kinda what we had some success doing 20 years ago."

He's already recruited local Tony Martinez and his country act, a staple of the Yucca Tap's Valley Fever night, to serve as his house band on weekends. Woodbury says that having Martinez and his band is one of the keys to the place.

"That kind of help drives the whole concept. I don't think we would've done the deal if we didn't know that we could bring Tony on and that there was a Tony Martinez out there," he says. "He kinda epitomizes what we're going after. You come into the place, dance on a hardwood dance floor to authentic country and [Western] swing music and have a great time."

Valley Fever resident DJ and promoter Dana Armstrong also will be developing a spin-off of her signature event (which will remain at the Yucca) for Thursday evenings at The Western, Woodbury says.

"We're giving her a night and she will sort of take and shape in her own way," he says. "It won't take the place of Valley Fever, but she's going to do a different version of it that will be similar in some respects."

He's also tapped the Valley's Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special to take over Sundays each week. Woodbury adds that in addition to the blues/roots/soul band, as well as Armstrong and Martinez's endeavors, The Western will fill its stage with local twang-filled acts in the Americana, roots, and alt-country vein and will make use of Levy's involvement to occasionally bring in national touring acts from those genres.

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