Unwritten Law's Scott Russo Takes Us on His Mushroom-and-Tequila Disneyland Adventure

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That is good to hear, because I know a lot of fans were worried when they heard about the altercations with Steve Morris [former UL guitarist] and then PK [Pat Kim, former UL bassist] splitting. It sounds like the band was still able to grow.

It helped me and the brand grow -- not necessarily the band so much, but the brand. The honest truth is that before Swan came out, we broke up before that. We still said, "sure we'll do this one more time and put out the record," but I had ended up spending fifteen months on Swan because I had my name on so many other things, and I couldn't put out a shitty Unwritten Law record. I made sure every song on Swan was fucking dope, and it was the most heartfelt shit I've ever written. I left no stone unturned.

When I put out Swan, we had to talk Steve into going on tour. We went on one full US tour and at the very end the fight altercation happened.

I guess people have to realize that a relationship between two people is fucking difficult, man. After the honeymoon is over, the relationship is work. There are four people total [in our band] and that's a fucking pretty heavy relationship to keep healthy. I mean, you're seeing Blink-182 implode right now, and same thing with the Beatles, man. They made more money than God, and changed the lives of their fans and themselves, but it's just the reality of the situation.

You know how hard it is to get along with your girlfriend all the time; imagine being in that scenario with three other people.

You have still managed to keep Unwritten Law together, in one form or another, for 25 years now. Was that ever your original goal? No, no not at all; all I cared about was skateboarding, honestly. I was a skater. When Unwritten Law was forming and they needed a singer and they asked me to sing I said yeah. At this point I'm eighteen years old, and I'm just thinking yeah cool, I can play parties and be the belle of the ball. I'll get free drugs and alcohol--it'll be dope [laughs].

So, yeah I never thought that it'd go this far. At best, I thought that I could get laid. Now, 25 years later we still have fans that we're very blessed to have and very thankful for.

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