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Valley Musicians Share Memories of 20 Favorite Hollywood Alley Shows

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Rock Against Racism (1994-95) I booked that show. It had TSOL, Orange Wedge, Royal Crown Revue...that was their first ever show in Phoenix, I think. The performances were inside, but they blocked off the whole parking lot and barbecue and food outside. It was this big, all-day event. Glass Heroes played too. TSOL just killed it and I think an early version of Curse of the Pink Hearse was there. -- Keith Jackson, guitarist, The Voice/Beat Angels/Glass Heroes

Cherry Poppin' Daddies (1995) The first time I actually came in to the Alley, I had moved here from Pennsylvania and had met some people from Boston's. And they told me about a show going on down here. And they brought me through the back door and said, "Don't worry, the owner's cool. So the first time I ever came in, I came in through the back door behind the bar. And Cherry Poppin' Daddies was playing that night. It had to be way over capacity. It was awesome. And I was like, "I wanna play here." That was back before we even had the band [Fred Green] together. -- Todd Minnix, guitarist, Fred Green

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