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Valley Musicians Share Memories of 20 Favorite Hollywood Alley Shows

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Autumn Teen Sound/Sugar High (1997) Sugar High, they were the band of the moment, was officially changing their name from Autumn Teen Sound. So we did a burial show and I had this coffin onstage with a skeleton inside and Princess Di's head on it and a bunch of dead roses. It was two months after she died. I came out dressed like Screaming Jay Hawkins. And when I opened the coffin, there was this big murmur. It apparently was too soon. -- Serene Dominic, musician and New Times contributor

Jeremy Enigk (1997) I went to Hollywood Alley more just to go to shows than I was bringing shows there. And hands down one of best shows of all time at Hollywood Alley, I think, was when Jeremy Enigk from Sunny Day Real Estate played there. And he had like this string section with him and the whole main room was packed and all these people were standing on the booths and watching on in awe. Every booth had people standing in 'em. It was like one of those special nights. I think anyone that was there easily put it in their "tops of all time" list. It was his first tour after Sunny Day Real Estate and a little bit of a departure. -- Charlie Levy, onwer, Stateside Presents

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