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Valley Musicians Share Memories of 20 Favorite Hollywood Alley Shows

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FEAR (2001) Punk rock is one of my favorite foods as far as music goes. Having the opportunity to have Lee Ving and company in the house an honor. One, because the stage for the Alley wasn't that tall. Sometime keeping people off of that stage, whether its enthusiastic crowds dancing or pogoing around or those people in the back that will push, my skinny by wiry ass had to put my heels in and lean and push back. And I thought, "I can't have for Fear, a bunch of people getting onstage." So I got a barricade for that show. You can have a beer with Fear but not have a beer and put it in one of our monitors.

Fear was older and stuff, but the show was just absolutely amazing. I had extra security. Yvette Hathaway, who's married to Todd Minnix of Fred Green, was at the door patting down chicks, so we found a few knives that people had on them for whatever reason. The band just smoked and kicked ass.

After they were done and I was walking up to the bar to tell Ross, "Look, we did it, no bullshit." And all of sudden, I saw this look at his eyes that made me about face and see a tornado of mischievous bodies moving around. And I went sprinting in that direction, pushed everyone out the front door, and yelled, "Who is ruining my fucking show?" -- Robert "Fun Bobby" Birmingham, longtime Hollywood Alley bartender and booker

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