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Valley Musicians Share Memories of 20 Favorite Hollywood Alley Shows

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Betty Blowtorch (2001) [Beats the Hell Outta Me] played with Betty Blowtorch at Hollywood Alley and its was another one of those packed sort of shows, probably a few more females than normal because they were an all-girl band. It was before [Bianca Butthole], the main gal for Betty Blowtorch died. Betty Blowtorch was always a fun night. It was just fun to see these punk chicks rock out. It was always an eclectic crowd, people that wouldn't normally come to Hollywood Alley would come out for a show like that. -- Michael Pistrui, guitarist/vocalist/Beats the Hell Outta Me

Desert Trash Blast 5 (2002) I think we did four [Trash Blasts] at Hollywood Alley. We'd get a weekend and have bands from Japan and Argentina and New York, all sorts of weird places. They all thought that it was just a great American rock 'n' roll bar. We brought out Texas Terri to headline one of the nights. That was over-the-top crazy. She was blown away because it was sold out, the crowd was just as cool and as wild as you can possibly imagine. She got paid at the end of the night, which a lot of people when they toured they either don't get paid or they get really shorted. It was just a great, great thing. And why Ross and Hollywood Alley were so different. -- Jeff Dahl, guitarist

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