Vial of Sound - Crescent Ballroom - 4/13/2013

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Peachcake picked up where Treasure Mammal left off, with Stefan Pruett dressed in white and wearing goggles, resembling the TV-shrinkage scene in Willy Wonka coupled with Jesus. The drums made me drool, especially the cowbell, which reminded me a lot of LCD Soundsystem for some reason. Most of all, Peachcake's energy was fantastic; they bounced around the stage like they had Moon Shoes on.

Yet, the crowd was dead. Drinks hadn't taken hold yet, it appears. Until something changes in this town and we get more enthusiasm, I'll continue to point out the dead crowd every time an audience in Phoenix just stands there, arms crossed, looking like stray cattle. It's a respect thing, and the reason you paid $10 at the door.

That energy changed for Wooden Indian, who started out their set with some slow, rhythmic guitar that might remind you of The Devil Whale or Battles. First of all, how many members are there in Wooden Indian now? Last time I saw them, there were like five. Now it's closer to 10. Anyway, despite being relatively more chilled out, the audience was closer, swaying in tune and generally more enthusiastic. It was kind of bipolar.

And then finally, it was Vial of Sound's turn.

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