Warped Tour Phoenix 2013

Warped Tour Gets Older, But Its Fans Stay the Same Age

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But if my Warped Tour were still touring the country, selling skate shoes, it would be a nostalgia-driven affair -- the late-20s-white-guy equivalent of New Kids on the Block's endless touring, only with more receding hairlines and songs about anti-consumerism. I'd enjoy it, but I wouldn't want it to tour the country every year like a ghost ship filled with copies of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Which is why, eventually, you have to let it go -- you have to understand that what defined your experience at the 2003 Warped Tour was as much "2003" as "Warped Tour."

This is somebody else's show, and this generation's vaguely alternative teenagers will probably have a good time there. Buzzy Arizonans The Summer Set will be along, as will a whole mess of bands with very long names and a striking number of surviving third-wave ska bands--including Big D and the Kids Table, Reel Big Fish, and The Aquabats, among other names that will matter mostly to people who weren't thinking about going to the Warped Tour.

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Dan Moore