Weezer with Lil Wayne MP3, Strokes Disagreeing on New Record, Gibbard and Farrar Play Kerouac

Electric Mustache: Videos: The Mumlers Live @ The Rhythm Room
Idolator: Parsing The Pulp: Is Jarvis Cocker Really Getting The Band Back Together For Glastonbury?
Idolator: Tegan & Sara Still Have Time To Chat
NME: Fall Out Boy to release Greatest Hits collection
Pitchfork: Hear the Weezer Song With Lil Wayne
Pitchfork: Casablancas Says Strokes Are Divided Over Progress of Fourth LP
So Much Silence: DJ Shadow: Artifact (w/Zack de la Rocha vocals)
Spin: Ben Gibbard, Jay Farrar Perform Kerouac Music
Waved Rumor: (CMJ) Rock Videos of the Week
Sound of the City: Hear the New Ted Leo Song: "One Polaroid a Day"


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