West Coast All-Star Tour feat. Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, Comerica Theatre, 9/14/2012

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Cube also gave props to the late west coast legend Nate Dogg by doing the chorus from "Smoke Weed Everyday" acapella style and even brought the show to a halt after "Gangsta Nation" to request that Dub-C bust out with his infamous Crip walk.

"We had a problem in here, a slight problem," Cube stated. "Everybody know when we do 'Gangsta Nation,' Dub-C is supposed to Crip walk."

The rowdy hip-hop party atmosphere in the crowd turned to boos, however, when Cube started shit disturbing and pulled Phoenix's punk card by bringing up the fact that former Suns legend Steve Nash is now playing for the dreaded Los Angeles Lakers (a.k.a. Cube's favorite team).

"I'd like to thank you for Steve Nash. Thank you, thank you very kindly. We really appreciate it," Cube stated, earning mad hate from the audience. "We make sure he get a championship, y'all. It ain't nothing but love, y'all. I had to fuck with y'all a little bit. Y'all fucked with when y'all got Shaq, so goddamn it, I gotta give y'all a little bit back."

Eff you, Cube.

He won the crowd back in an instant, however, especially after bringing out his rapper offspring OMG (a.k.a. Oh My Goodness, who debuted his first mixtape first mixtape, Jackin For Beats earlier this year ) for two songs to wrap up the set, "She Couldn't Make It On Her Own" and "I Rep That West."

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