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What Laura Says Does Daytrotter

What Laura Says has become the latest Phoenix band to get some love from influential blog series Daytrotter (check it out here). The band played "Dot Dot Dot," "What's Done Right," I Suppose" and "Waves," which are all available for download. The series also recently hosted Dear and the Headlights, as well as a Tucson band and Phoenix expats Lymbyc Systym.

As always, the music is accompanied by some prose:

Our neighborhood, these days, is teeming with chipmunks, scuttling this way and that, looking like they run all of our yards, as tiny, tiny valets or loiterers. They never stay in one place for long, even when they think no one's watching them, as we always are through the backyard windows. It's an endless game of chase and be caught, no matter the humidity or the energy that might be in the tanks of the little critters. They do laps and laps, zipping here and there, changing course with their small claws poking into the soil or skidding over the concrete - under bushes, tearing through the grass and bouncing off any nearby trees that just serve as pivot points. What Laura Says, thinks and feels gives off a similar sort of never exasperating, never expiring exuberance in its approach to songwriting and just as importantly, to the playful interactions of people to one another.

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Martin Cizmar
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