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What to Expect When You're Musically Middle Aged

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Whattya gonna do -- fight the changes or go with the flow?

That is the question, isn't it?

From where I sit, that seems to be one of the ultimate questions about life. Period.

So obviously, it's an important question when it comes to music, which if you are like me, is a big part of life.

These changes are coming, and if you are heading into middle age -- which will begin sometime in your 30s, depending on marriage, kids, and that sort of definitive factor -- you will have to choose how to you'd like to deal with them.

I'm here to let you know what's coming, and let you know how I'm dealing with it.

You Are Going to Have to Defend The Music of Your Youth.

And guess what? A lot of it sucks now. No matter how cool it was then.

Time has a way of ravaging certain sounds.Like keyboards (see: Somehow I Still Found Some '80s Music That Still Sounds Good). Certain lyrics too.

I've chosen to deal with this moment's music critics the same way I did in that moment: I say, "Fuck 'em."

You think it's a hair band? I think it's a rock band. You think it's cheesy? I think it's pop gold.

To pull a phrase from even before my era, if it feels good, do it.

You are going to get lazy about new music.

It's out there, but it doesn't just fly into your ear. You have to work at it.

Like exercising. Without the sweat.

Which means you have to want to work at it.

You have to step outside of your comfort zone, which gets more comfortable with each passing year, and commit some time to giving something new a chance.

You have to listen to a radio station, terrestrial or internet, that will play new, or at least different, music. You have to find websites, or magazines, or friends that are trusted sites and act upon their recommendations.

Otherwise, you'll just sit around and say things like, "Today's music sucks", and musically die.

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