First Friday

What's on Tap for Tonight's First Friday

Adaupto "Tato" Caraveo is one of the coolest mofos we know. Not only is the 35-year-old one of the most charming cats we've ever met, he also gets to tend bar at the Lost Leaf (one of hippest drinkeries in the whole Valley) and can pluck the upright bass with serious aplomb for jazz/experimental/world band Sonorous.

Plus he's pretty fly with a paintbrush and canvas to boot, and has created some of the most stunning fantastic realism works that we've ever seen.

Caraveo's pieces are slices of surreal beauty, where he takes ordinary figures and portrays them in softly distorted fashion. We were majorly bummed out when the Brickhouse closed down last year, and not just because downtown Phoenix was losing a crucial live music venue. It's because we wouldn't be able to see one of his more famous murals, which occupied an entire wall adjacent to the Brickhouse's large stage.

Tato's also probably gotten tired of us repeatedly asking if he'd make duplications of the wicked flaming skeleton mural that used to be part of the bygone Emerald Lounge and currently hangs above the bar at the Lost Leaf.

It won't be the only of Caraveo's masterpieces on display at the beer and wine joint, as more than a dozen of his works will line the walls of the Leaf while local indie band The Hooves will perform starting at 9:30 p.m.

What else is going on tonight? Read on for the full rundown.


Afida's Hair Culture
116 East Roosevelt Street

DJ Tony Culture will be spinning reggae, dancehall, and old-school music starting at 8 p.m. Call 602-258-4992.

Alwun House
1204 East Roosevelt Street

The surreal and scary "Monsters Menagerie" group exhibit enters its 10th year with plenty of beastly and bizarre works from local artists. 6 p.m., free. Meanwhile, the Midnite Move Mamacita presents a screening of the schlocktastic Blood Bath of the Bat Beast. 8 p.m., $6-$8.
Call 602-253-7887.

901 North Fifth Street

Local bands I-Reality, Shining Soul, and Hope will be rocking out on the stage, while Darrell D. and Djentrification hit the turntables. 7 p.m. Call 602-237-5446.

eye lounge
419 East Roosevelt Street

The works of painter Jay Hardin will be featured in both the East Gallery and the Project Room, while Peter Bug presents "World Exclusive," his series of prints featuring hyperbolic text ripped from tabloid magazines. 5 p.m.. Call 602-430-1490.

Five 15
515 East Roosevelt Street

Printmaking couple Big John & Irene Lingenfelter present their "Panache" showcase.
5 p.m. Call 602-256-0150.

821 North Third Street

Former Friends of Young Americans, Race You There, Smokus Pocus, and others are scheduled to do their thing at the apartment complex. 7 p.m. Call 602-475-8519.

The Lost Leaf
914 North 5th Street

Tato Caraveo's painting will be on display and indie band The Hooves will perform. 5 p.m. Call 602-258-0014.

Modified Arts
407 East Roosevelt Street

The stark and stunning photographs of James Leland will be featured as improv jazz group The Big Bang Theory will perform. 6 p.m. Call 602-462-5516.

905 North Fourth Street

The spot formerly known as Fate features DJ Proper Villain on the turntables. 8 p.m. Call 602-254-6424.

Perihelion Arts
610 East Roosevelt Street

Amy L. Young and Douglas Grant's long-running downtown gallery celebrates its seventh anniversary with the provocative photos from L.A.'s Dave Naz. 6 p.m. Call 602-334-6299.

Pravus Gallery
501 East Roosevelt Street

The fairer sex will get their due as Pravus is hosting the "Ladies First" showcase with contemporary works across several different mediums from 26 female artists from around the world, including Molly Crabapple, Angelique Houtkamp, MiaSnow, Megz Majewski, Bonni Reid, Fiona Smyth, and many more. 6 p.m. Call 602-363-2552.

Revolver Records
918 North Second Street

The music store promises music from Destoroyah, Hexaclops, and other bands. 7 p.m. Call 602-795-4980.

UM Gallery
909 North Fifth Street

The DJs of Universatile Music will be on the wheels of steel on the porch while new art hangs in the gallery. 6 p.m.


Deus Ex Machina
1023 Grand Avenue

This four-member collective will present some of its newest efforts, including works by Jeff Falk, Richard Bledsoe, and Steve Gompf. 6 p.m. Call 602-487-0669.

Kooky Krafts Shop
1500 Grand Avenue

Beatrice Moore and Tony Zahn's quirky boutique will be open for business. Call 602-252-3774.

Paisley Violin
1030 Grand Avenue

Derrick and Gina Suarez have booked the rockers of Graceful Degredation and a few local jazz musicians for First Friday. As always, the various galleries and boutiques of Paisley Town will also be open for business. 6 p.m. Call 602-254-7843.

Sweets & Beats
1504 Grand Avenue

This combination candy shop and record store owned by Emily Spetrino-Murtaugh and her husband Liam celebrates its first First Friday. 5 p.m.

Trunk Space
1506 Grand Avenue

The indie rockers of One AM Radio, Former Ghosts, and KNESSET are scheduled to perform. 8 p.m. Call 602-256-6006.


@Central Gallery
1221 North Central Avenue

Patrons can peruse Barbara Kemp Cowlin's "Nooks and Crannies" series of paintings. 6 p.m. Call 602-256-3521.

After Hours Gallery
116 West McDowell Road

The colorful robot-themed artwork of Brian Kappel will be on display. 6 p.m. Call 602-710-2398.

Bar Smith
130 East Washington Street

Electro, funk, and hip-hop music will be spun up by the DJs of Fuse Fridays. 9 p.m., $5 before midnight. Call 602-229-1265.

108 East Pierce Street

The oil and acrylic paintings of Bob Martin will please your eyes as the irie sound of reggae band Rasta Farmers delight your ears. 7 p.m. Call 602-267-1266.

Hob Nob's Coffee House
149 West McDowell Road

Enjoy music local performers while sampling some of Hob Nob's selection of coffee, teas, and other high-octane beverages. 7 p.m. Call 602-253-9220.

Homme Lounge
138 West Camelback Road

The DJs of Party Foul! (including Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, and BC/AD) will stage their weekly dancefest. 9 p.m. No cover before 11 p.m., $6 afterwards. Call 602-234-3023.

Legend City
521 West Van Buren Street

Randy Slack's vintage gallery will offer the annual "Chaos Theory" showcase. (Click here for Nicki Escudero's preview) Call 602-321-2887.

1437 North First Street

Get a close look at the numerous pieces featured in our annual Best of Phoenix issue during the opening reception for "Wonderland: Art from New Times Best of Phoenix 2009." (Click here for Wynter Holden's preview) 6 p.m. Call 602-430-3223.

The Ruby Room Lounge
717 South Central Avenue

Tugboat, Honey P., Judith's Apple and the Red Delicious, and Jedd's a Millionaire will take to the Ruby Room's stage. 9 p.m. Call 602-258-0069.

Seamus McCaffrey's
18 West Monroe Street

After peeping paintings and pics all evening, stop by this downtown pub for a pint of Guinness and an earful of the Nick Heward Trio. 9 p.m. Call 602-253-6081.

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