Wooden Indian, Yellow Minute - MIM Music Theater - 8/19/2013

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I shouldn't have been, of course--the crowd for this particular "I Am AZ Music" show was a surprisingly cohesive mix of people who looked like Wooden Indian and Yellow Minute fans and people who looked like they spent a lot of time at the MIM's impressive theater.

Promptly at 7:00 the emcee introduced both bands, and Wooden Indian launched into its defamiliarizing, atmospheric set. I can't think of a band that takes better advantage of an expensive sound system than Wooden Indian--even with six people (including members of Yellow Minute) on stage, and guitar loops being built up as we watched, I heard several people in the audience wondering where all the sounds were coming from.

I understood the confusion. There's a moment in lots of Wooden Indian songs where everything locks into the same strange ungainly gait, like the Baby Elephant March repurposed for insectoid movie aliens, and you suddenly realize how loud you've got your headphones, and how each weird chiming guitar loop has combined to form a weirder and more chiming whole.

Live, over the MIM's respectful hush, they found that moment and hung around in it.

Wooden Indian - MIM Music Theater - August 19, 2013 from Dan Moore on Vimeo.

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Dan Moore