World Music Night @ The Vig

So how was your summer vacation, yo? Don't feel too bad if it amounted to hiding out in the air-conditioned comfort for three months instead of jetting away to some far-away foreign destination. Given the painfully high prices for airfare these days, it's downright difficult to satisfy the itch to travel across the country, much less around the world, without going deep into debt. Would-be globetrotters who are long on wanderlust but short on cash, however, might want to consider taking a trip over to The Vig, 4041 North 40th Street, for the latest World Music Night on Thursday, September 5. According to organizer and host JonnY Rogers, the affair aims to take Valley residents on a jaunt to various foreign lands, ranging from Argentina to Albania, on the first Thursday of every month via a multicultural mix of art, dance, and global beats. "I wanted a place where [everyone] could come together once a month and bridge the gap between cultures," he says. To accomplish this goal, each edition features DJ Melo dropping an "eclectic, international sound" and Rogers spinning more beat-driven forms of world music with some cool mash-ups and international classics, which includes everything from baile funk to Bollywood music. Meanwhile, renowned local belly dancer Myryka will perform and DevastY Musica will provide eye-catching visuals to help add to the ambience. The journey starts at 10 p.m. Admission is free. Call 602-553-7227.

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