Worst. Courtesy. Photo. Ever.

Could you imagine this photo in the paper, beside my column on pastor Mason Betha, a.k.a. the rapper Ma$e? Neither could I. And not just because my name is spelled wrong.

So this might be a little inside baseball for some readers, but I thought I'd share it anyway, because it's pretty hilarious. Here in the entertainment journalism business we have these things called courtesy photos, which are most of the shots on here on Up on the Sun and in the paper. They're shots provided by the artists we're writing about when time and money keep us from shooting our own photos.

In my time here no national act has ever given us a problem. In fact, only one local band hasn't had their own self-serving, image-furthering photos to sent. That was a whole other hassle... After the shoot, the band bitched to the reporter about one of the poses they did and asked us not to use it. I sent all the shots over to our art director without comment and the one he picked happened to be one the band bitched about. They were not pleased. I won't get in to who this band was, but they know who they are, and they should know that if they ask us to schedule a shoot with a professional photojournalist we're going to use what we like from the resulting batch of photos. The end.

But, anyway, that was a local band, not a guy who was once one of the biggest rappers in the world. You'd think the person Ma$e hires to handle such things would know  better. His publicist prohibited us from shooting our own photos of him, then refused to send anything but this, forcing us to get a commercial shot so we could write our own headline, just like every other newspaper ever.


This stunt aside, Mase was a great interview and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. Check out my column on newsstands today: The Notorious G.O.D by Martin Cizman.

Err, MAR.

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