Worst of Coachella 2015, Weekend 2

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Coordinated Outfits

It's been an ongoing trend for the past few years, but at this year's event it went too far. From amateur basketball teams to groups of people wearing shirts that would be better at a family reunion to the Bill Murray people, the coordinated outfits may have hit their extreme this year. At a festival where most people pride themselves on uniqueness and trendsetting, coordinating outfits say, "Hey, look at me and my conformist friends." We hope this trend stops sometime soon. -- Daniel Kohn

The Highlight of Your Day?

Weekend revelers filled the grass in front of the Coachella stage on Friday night, relaxing and grooving to indie rockers The War On Drugs. The sun was slipping behind the mountains, fans were swaying, and all seemed right with the world. A trio of hazy-eyed twenty-somethings overlapped one another on nearby blanket, chatting and giggling without a care in the world. The three women would pause from conversation every so often, wiggling their hips or outstretching their arms in applause. It was nearly impossible not to admire their apparent bonding moment, until... one of the young ladies sat up, and looked down at her blissed-out companion and asked, "So what was the highlight of your day?" Her friend responded, "Getting a selfie with the girl from The Bachelor!" Wow. When snapping a selfie with a D-list celebrity is the highlight of your day at Coachella, you're officially doing it wrong. -- Heidi Darby

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