Fallout Boy from last year's Phooson.
Fallout Boy from last year's Phooson.
Luke Holwerda

WTF? This Year's Phooson Is In Tucson Only?

One of the highlight's of last year's concert season undoubtedly was the superstar-studded Phooson put on by 104.7 KISS FM last December at Cricket Wireless Pavillion. (Relive the coverage by Martin Cizmar and Jonathan McNamara in all its glory).

It was certainly an interesting affair from beginning to end, offering all manner of entertainment and offensiveness from the likes of Rihanna, Fallout Boy, and the excerable Tokio Hotel.

But if you're wanting to see what John Jay & Rich come up with this time around for a follow-up, better plan for a two-hour roadtrip down Interstate-10. Phooson (which is a combination of "Phoenix" and "Tucson," indicative on how KISS hits both town's with its signal) is only happening at the Rialto Theatre and has been dubbed "John Jay & Rich's Strictly Tucson Phooson."

What gives?

It appears at one time there was a pretty fly festival being planned for December 4 at Cricket, featuing quite the stacked schedule of hip-hop and pop acts, including Jay Sean, Sean Kingston, Boys Like Girls, The Ting Tings, Keri Hilson, and Flo Rida.

Per Live Nation's site, the plug apparently got pulled somewhere along the way and the event was canceled. It's been "downgraded" to just (read: all the those marquee names got 86'd from the line-up) and its currently just gig by 3OH!3, Jason Derulo, and Justin Bieber.

We spoke with folks from both Live Nation and Clear Channel (who own KISS FM) and both said they'd have to get back to us.

Anyone heard any rumors about what;s goin' on?


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