Our December 29 issue
Our December 29 issue

Year in Review, Kickstarter, Top 15 Local Releases in This Week's Issue

In this week's issue of New Times, I join our friends in café, art, and stage in a look back on 2011, observing trends and noting the good, the bad, and the ugly of the year in the review.

I focused on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. We featured a couple Kickstarter projects this year, (my favorite was Shawn Demumbrum's Morrissey comic book, How Soon is Now) but for this column I spoke with two Phoenix artists, friends, and collaborators, Christian Filardo of Holy Page Records and Stephen Steinbrink of French Quarter/Yellow Canary Dance Hall about the merits and drawbacks of the site.

My 2011 list comes in two parts: An itemized listening of strange, funny, or awesome happenings in 2011 (touched on: Odd Future, Kanye West, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Luz de Vida, Lou Reed & Metallica, and more) and a reprinting of my Top 15 Local Releases of 2011.

Plus -- the issue comes with a special New Year's Eve supplement by Benjamin Leatherman, so you can plan your NYE to include as much rocking, dancing, and safe doing-so-with-a-cab-number-in-your-pocket drinking.


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