Yes, a Battle Rapper Tried to Defecate Onstage at Celebrity Theatre This Weekend

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Daylyt's attempt to lay down a fudge dragon came about during his battle against Pittsburgh's Real Deal at Duel in the Desert and was one of a few different stunts he used to win over the crowd.

Update: We've reached out to the rapper to get a comment and will update if we hear back.

From everything we've heard about the incident since Saturday, it's become apparent that Daylyt was far from being on point for his battle and the crowd knew it. Instead, he chose to bust out with gimmicks. Too bad it ultimately backfired on the L.A. battle rapper.

First, he passed out playing cards to the Celebrity Theatre audience and asked the person with the "lucky card" to decide whether he'd use "bars" (a.k.a. rapping) or antics during the battle. The woman who drew that particular card chose bars, to which Daylyt reportedly responded, "Well, I ain't got none."

The rapper, who came to the stage dressed in a black cloak, revealed he was also wearing a Headless Horseman-like costume (complete with a bloody neck stump and decapitated melon) since many believed Real Deal would "take his head off."

Daylyt's lack of game and reluctance to rap, despite spitting a few bars, got the crowd booing and heckling him by that point. In response, the rapper decided he'd shit all over the event...literally.

After declaring, "If I hear two more boos, Imma take a boo boo on stage," Daylyt proceeded to drop his drawers and drop a dook.

Thankfully, security interceded and stopped Daylyt from soiling the venerated concert venue's turntable-like stage with his feces and forcibly removed him from the building. Despite the presence of Phoenix Police Officers at the event, the rapper wasn't arrested for indecent exposure or any other charges. He was, however, escorted off the premises with the venue's gate being locked behind him.

Daylyt's no stranger to causing a ruckus during a battle with some nasty-ass antics. Last year, for instance, he stripped naked (save for a loin cloth) during one showdown in L.A., and back in July he may or may not have dooked onstage and eaten said feces at an event in NYC. Unsuprisingly, he also got booed during the stunt.

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