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You Asked For It: Jim Bachmann

Band: Jim Bachmann and The Day Drinkers
Record: Jim Bachmann and The Day Drinkers
: Jim Bachmann, a country-styled man about town whose a fixture at Tempe's Yucca Tap Room. Bachmann once did a Sun Session cover of Alan Jackson's "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow" which I still regard among the best we've done. Bachmann has a great voice and writes simple, classic country songs about drinking, carousing and drinking. As he writes in the linear notes self-titled debut is "essentially a homemade record" and it sounds like it, with simple arrangements and lo-fi recording.

Best Song: I'm very fond of the pedal steel sound on "Slap Me" and Bachmann's bluesy vocals on "Can I Get A Little."
Worst Song: The second song, "On Down The Line," where Bachmann plays alone with only a guitar and a tambourine is mixed way too loosely for me and ends up sounding like something recorded on a cassette player. I wasn't feeling it.
Suggested Changes: This is essentially a homemade demo record and it shows. Bachmann has the chops and the powerful voice to pull it off, but I'd really like to hear what he could do with a full band, a real studio and a better mic.
Grade: B

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Martin Cizmar
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