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You Hang Up Hoping to Open For Hanson

Hanson -- the 90s kiddie band known for "MMMBop" -- is coming to town. Pretty swell, right? Well, it gets even sweller.

Believe it or not, bands are falling all over themselves to win a contest that will allow them to open for the band at their Phoenix show.

The apparent winner?

Former Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz's Phoenix-based band You Hang Up!

The closest competitors are Crash Coordinates and The Sounding. A bunch of other chaches also got skooled.

Shame on them. Seriously, the only thing more pathetic than entering a contest to open for Hanson is losing said contest to a former child actor's band. You guys should probably have a long, serious talk at your next band practice, fellas.

As for Hanson, hopefully they'll be able to let Motel 6 turn off the light for the night and crash at Frankie's palatial new $2.6 million estate in beautiful Phoenix-proper.

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Martin Cizmar
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