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Z-Trip Headlines This Year's Red Bull Thre3style in April at Venue Scottsdale

Though it's been almost a decade since Zach Sciacca put the Valley in his rearview mirror, the artist known as Z-Trip still casts a huge shadow over the local scene.

There are few DJs in this town who aren't connected to the turntable titan. We've personally lost count at the number of cats who claim that's Z-Trip's influenced their style or helped buoy their beat-juggling skills in some fashion.

And later this year, Sciacca's going to once again affect the lives of a few more of P-Town's finest platter jocks.

Red Bull is bringing Z-Trip back to his old stomping ground to serve both as a judge and headliner at this year's Thre3style regional competition at the Venue Scottsdale on April 7. The annual DJ battle, which pits P-Town's best spinsters against one another, has the potential to help make some dreams of superstardom a reality.

For instance, D-JR won last year's Thre3style in Scottsdale and went on to place second at the national finals in October. Like Z-Trip, he's since moved to L.A. and is poised for DJ greatness.

Who's gonna be the next D-JR? Red Bull has yet to announce which locals will be participating in the 2011 edition of Thre3style, but it's guaranteed to be a good show nonetheless, capped off by a performance by the great godhead himself.

For more info, hit up the Thre3style site in the coming weeks.

05 4 - Z-TRIP (DJ Set Pt.2) by 42O247
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