Zedd: "I Plan My Music Career To Be As Long As I Live"

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Up On The Sun: Random start, but I recall watching you perform along with Foxes on David Letterman not too long ago. It's one of those memories that just stuck out for me. I won't lie, I didn't expect Zedd to be going hard on David Letterman, and perhaps the bass and lights would be too much. I don't know if Letterman could handle that, but it was really enticing for me to watch you play the piano along with Foxes singing. I know that you come from a classical background. Does this have anything to do with what made you make the decision to do something out of the sorts for most electronic acts? Zedd: Yeah, I mean I was really, really nervous. I hadn't remembered being that nervous ever before. I used to play the piano and I use it to write my music in the studio, but it doesn't require me to play without mistakes [in a live setting].

Playing on television is another level, another deal. I didn't want to just go up there and play the song; I thought that would be really boring. So I decided to do something that's live and can kind of show the soul behind the song.

Many people hear a beat and then their minds shut off and they just hear electronic music, but they may not realize that there is real meaning underneath it. We rearranged it for an orchestra and went for it live.

It was really cool. I remember that my dad was sitting next to me. He's typically not into the music, but he listens because of me. When the performance was over he was really impressed. Well, that's awesome. I love to hear when people like my music who would typically not listen to that genre. It's cool to hear when people that are really into, like, rock or metal like my music.

I think it's a lot more challenging to please those people than those who already like or are involved with electronic dance music already.

I know that you're very musically inclined, having started playing piano and even drums at the age of 4. I started with the piano, playing classical music until I was 12-years-old. Then I made a pretty big change from one to the other. I decided to start playing the drums in a band with my brother. And you know music switched from that to rock and metal to hardcore. Then I ended up producing electronic music for fun when I was like 18 maybe. My career after that just kind of took off and quickly.

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