Zedd: "I Plan My Music Career To Be As Long As I Live"

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Well, clearly you've dipped your toes into more than one genre. Other DJ's too--recently Pretty Lights formed a band, and Avicii now has performed with people singing alongside. Being so musically inclined, have you ever thought about stepping outside and working within different genres of music? Sure, I have. It just hasn't felt like its been the right moment, idea or time. I do think that sooner or later I'll be playing instruments live again; just right now at this time I don't think it makes sense on my Moment of Clarity tour. I like the show the way it is, and it requires me to DJ, and that would take time away from that. I would definitively consider it. A band, live singers--yeah it's a possibility.

You've created EDM anthems that are played all across the world. You may not even know that your songs are being played at the moment, but they probably are. Do you ever find yourself getting tired of playing "Spectrum" or "Clarity," or is it something that just defines you and your shows? I personally will probably never get sick of my own songs. In my live shows, my songs are the ones I look forward to playing the most. I don't get sick of them, and I don't believe that everyone saying "you'll get sick of them and they die" [is] correct.

At the end of the day, the really big hits--The Beatles, for example--are played on for a reason. It may seem overwhelming at the time, [but] the reason is that it's just good music.

If you make shitty songs, and have someone press it and it gets played on, yeah, you'll get sick of it. If you actually create music with emotion and soul, I don't think you would grow to be sick of it. I personally don't and I've been playing Spectrum for a year and a half now and continue to.

It's great to hear that you have passion for the music that you create. Oh, absolutely. My goals are always to create timeless music. I don't care about trends. When I made Clarity and; or Spectrum that kind of music was not on the radio at all. I don't sit down and make whatever is trendy right now. Trap tunes are really big right now, but that's a way to jump on trends and create a success, but it will not benefit you as an artist in the long run. I plan my music career to be as long as I live.

That's got to be some sort of famous quote in the future. That is awesome. And now for the fun part as I had promised; goofy questions. Okay. [Laughs]. Great.

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