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Zedd @ Wild Knight

The next time the fact-finders at the CIA revise the entry for Germany in their popular World Factbook, they really oughta update the country's list of major exports to include house music alongside high-octane beer, schnitzel, and household goods. Das Vaterland has been fertile ground for birthing practitioners of inexorably danceable four-on-the-floor electronica, whether it's the trance of Cosmic Gate and ATB, the multifaceted musings of the great godhead Paul van Dyk, or the complextro-influenced electro-house variants made by Zedd (a.k.a. Anton Zaslavski), the latest EDM export from the Bavarian beat scene. Famous in the EDM blogosphere for what's become known as the "Zedd style" of punchy, staccato thrusts of pulverizing bass (no doubt borne of time spent during his teenage years banging the drums, or maybe even the classical piano training he started at age 4), Zedd layers sounds into a web that includes dubstep affectations and killer drops. That is probably one of the reasons Zedd caught the attention of both Skrillex and Deadmau5 (natch), resulting in the 22-year-old's opening on both artists' tours and space on their remix albums.

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