Zeds Dead @ El Santo Cantina

[needle exchange]

Dubstep might have exceeded its expiration date, if the statements by a few prominent EDM bigwigs are to be believed. Last month, influential dubstep early-adopter Skream mentioned in a UK tabloid that the once-groundbreaking genre has become meaningless and that "the movement is over," essentially echoing like-minded statements by such cats as Pinch and even Deadmau5 to a degree.

Such feelings seem to matter little to Dylan "DC" Mamid and Zach "Hooks" Rapp-Rovan, better known as the Canadian DJ/producer duo Zeds Dead. Despite all the naysaying, the pair of club-conquering Canucks have kept on blending heavy dollops of dubstep with other thrum-heavy sounds like drum 'n' bass into their warped sonic creations, including their recent Hot Sauce EP. You'll likely hear cuts from the album when Zeds Dead headlines a special "Night Swim" edition of Relentless Beach on Saturday, June 8, at El Santo Cantina, 7301 East Butherus Drive in Scottsdale.

Fellow bass lovers J. Paul of HavocNdeeD fame and Sam Groove, recently seen tearing up the decks at Dirty Disco, will fire up the crowd during the opening sets. The party begins at 9 p.m. General admission is $15, VIP access is $40. See www.relentlessbeats.com.

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