10 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction Cars Most Likely to Lead to Divorce

The 2015 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale starts this weekend, and we've found the cars that we figure are most likely to cause problems with the missus.

Below, find 10 cars available at the auction we guess can help accelerate the divorce process:

10.) 1989 Ford Aero Star Custom Van

According to BJ, it has a "world champion" audio system, which is completely meaningless considering A.) It's a Ford van from the '80s, and B.) The ribbons running down the side.

9.) 1999 Buick Regal "Cielo Open Air" Concept

No matter how customized it may be, at the end of the day, it's a 1999 Buick Regal. 8.) 2003 Ford F-250 Custom Pickup

Do we need to explain this one?

7.) 1963 Heinkel Trojan 1-Door Coupe

If you're interested in this, it probably means that you're a micro-car collector who already owns a BMW Isetta and a Messerschmitt. How many cars can you possibly have that can't exceed 60 mph? It's no Reliant Robin (in a good way), but there's a reason three-wheeled cars aren't all the rage anymore. 6.) 1973 Volkswagen Thing

Honestly, this entry could have said "just about any VW." But the Thing seems to be a vehicle that only makes sense on the streets of Key West, Florida.

5.) 1929 Ford Custom Pickup

Let's be clear: This is awesome -- it's a full bar on the back of a '29 Ford pickup. Not exactly family-friendly, though. 4.) 1940 Ford Boyd Coddington Work-in-Progress Convertible

Forget the name Boyd Coddington and realize it's an auction for a project car.

3.) 2004 Cadillac CTS Custom 4-Door Coupe

It's the precursor to Cadillac's CTS-V, and all of the car's modifications -- get this -- were "influenced by Tim Allen," according to BJ. Yes, that Tim Allen. 2.) 1957 Chevrolet Custom School Bus

Here's another one we don't really need to explain. However, we'll explain one thing -- this monster truck/bus has two-wheel drive.

1.) Any Corvette

Since the Barrett-Jackson auction block is a hotbed for Corvettes, both ultra-common and ultra-rare, our best guess is that at least one Corvette sale is likely to exasperate the problems of an already troubled marriage.

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