10 Problems Only People in Phoenix Have to Deal With

Living in Phoenix comes with a unique set of challenges.

Although you might find some similar issues in other cities, only people in Phoenix have to deal with all 10 of these problems:

10.) Your football, basketball, or inner tube pops on a cactus

Don't play catch with a cactus.

9.) Trying to get in or out of a pool without a "cool deck"

There's a large body of liquid refreshment in the backyard, but some people have bricks made of molten lava surrounding it.

8.) You have to shake out your shoes for possible scorpions

Well, you have to if you're paranoid.

7.) Trying to drive home in a ball of dust

Good luck.

6.) Waiting forever for the water faucet to deliver cold water

It'll get cold some day.

5.) When you don't know whether a word is in English or Spanish

Is something happening once, or are there 11 of something? There are plenty of words that have completely unrelated meanings in English and Spanish: mayor, cargo, red, Colorado, humor, and pan, to name a few.

4.) The seat in your car makes your back sweatier than a marathon runner

Driving five miles and running five miles causes the same effect.

3.) Javelina knock over your garbage can

Damn teenagers.

2.) Water bottle left in your car turns to liquid fire

What a conundrum: You're incredibly thirsty, but you accidentally left your water bottle in the car. You decide to go for it, and end up pouring a stream of flames down your throat.

1.) Allergies, asthma, or even valley fever

Allergies can get worse for some people in Phoenix. Same with asthma. And if you're not suffering from one of those, there's always a chance you get valley fever -- Arizona is home to about two-thirds of the nation's valley fever cases, according to the state health department.

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Matthew Hendley
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