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10 Reasons Phoenix Is the Best Place to Celebrate Christmas

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If you're in Phoenix right now (and you celebrate Christmas), we've got some reasons why your're lucky.

Check out our 10 reasons why Phoenix is the best place to celebrate Christmas:

10.) The weather usually isn't gross

Instead of wearing 30 layers of insulation like you might wear in other parts of the country, the biggest Christmas clothing decision in Phoenix usually is, do I really need to wear a sweatshirt?

9.) It might actually snow

It's snowed in Miami before -- once. (

Literally, once

.) San Diego gets snow about every quarter-century. Compared to places like that, it's not really that rare to see trace amounts of snow around Phoenix, especially around the edges. There was even snow, well, something like it, in Scottsdale earlier this year. It won't be happening this Christmas, but it


happen another year.

8.) Arizona has a town named Santa Claus AND a town named Christmas

Okay, honestly, it's really, really not worth the three-hour drive from Phoenix to see Santa Claus, Arizona, a town/amusement park that has been abandoned for decades. The trip to Christmas is only two hours, but it's been leveled for decades, so there's nothing to see. But, Phoenix might be the only major city in the world where you can drive to Santa Claus and Christmas in one day.

7.) There's no shortage of Christmas lights

Yes, there are Christmas lights everywhere in America. However, Phoenix has plenty of great displays, and might be the only place in the country where you can see a beautiful display at the local zoo, then head over to another wonderful setup at the local Mormon temple.

6.) If you really want snow, you're about 90 minutes away

Back to the snow thing, if you want guaranteed snow, you can sleep in, have a late breakfast, and still be making snow angels by noon.

5.) The versatility of the cactus as a Christmas decoration

Where else in the world does an object grow from the ground that can be decorated as a Christmas tree OR decorated as Santa?

4.) There's never a Santa shortage

Have you ever thought that there weren't enough old, overweight, bearded men in Phoenix? Exactly.

3.) Christmas can be remarkably normal

Despite the cacti and T-shirt things, Christmas can be remarkably "normal" around Phoenix. Remember that most places around the country don't get snow on Christmas. However, if it's not authentic enough for you, you're only a few hours from a cabin that's likely surrounded by snow and pine trees. If you don't need a traditional Christmas, however . . .

2.) Christmas may not be traditional

In addition to decorating Cacti, there are ways in which Christmas around Phoenix is one of a kind. Consider the Christmas tree made of tumbleweeds that goes up in Chandler every year. Or the annual photo op with Santa and machine guns at the Scottsdale Gun Club. There's that well-known display of Christmas lights that just point to the neighbor's elaborate display, and says, "Ditto." A lot of things about Christmas in Phoenix can be a little different.

1.) Christmas cards from Phoenix, AKA, mailing out middle fingers

Here's the top reason for that Phoenix Christmas, and it gets back to that thing about the weather. Every year, all of your relatives get those Christmas cards featuring your family photo, where you're all standing outside and wearing short-sleeved shirts. While your grandma nearly died from hypothermia while retrieving this card from her mailbox in Illinois, Minnesota, or New Jersey, or wherever, all they got was a card that practically said, "Sucks to be you." And that's really the spirit of Christmas in Phoenix.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.