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10 Stereotypes About Phoenix That Are Totally True

There are stereotypes about every major American city, and in Phoenix, a whole lot of those stereotypes are actually true.

Below, find 10 Phoenix stereotypes that are (mostly) based on facts:

10.) Cactus everywhere

Pretty much everyone here has pulled cactus spines out of themselves, their kids, or their pets.

9.) It really is a "dry heat"

The unofficial state motto, and it's completely true, if you compare the average humidity of Phoenix with any other major American city. 8.) Everyone has a pool

Okay, not everyone, but seriously -- pretty much everyone.

7.) Encountering desert critters

If you haven't seen a scorpion, rattlesnake, coyote, or javelina, you haven't lived here very long. 6.) Hot sauce and jalapeños can go on anything

Nobody finds it strange to put jalapeños on a hot dog, or douse any food with hot sauce.

5.) People love their guns

Yes, New Yorkers, people actually carry guns. 4.) Thousands of places to get Mexican food

Check Yelp for Mexican food in Phoenix, you'll only have a little more than 2,500 choices.

3.) In case of rain, no one knows how to drive

Any sort of weather causes full-blown panic, especially on the roadways. 2.) Your choices for a house are the beige one or the beige one

Or the other beige one. Your choice!

1.) Yes, it's very hot

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