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10 Strangest Things That Have Come Out of Jan Brewer's Mouth in the Last Year

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10.) Jan loves smiles

Brewer either didn't bring a speech to the Arizona Republican Party's election-viewing party in November, or she didn't really read it. After saying she wanted to get "Buh-rack Obama out of the White House," she appeared to run out of things to say.

"I love all of the smiles on all of your faces," Brewer said, followed by a pause, and look around the room. "Love it."

9.) Immigration reform is "a victory for Arizona"

Brewer was on Fox News just a couple days ago and was asked whether she thinks "what we're seeing now in the Senate" on immigration is good or bad.

"I think that what we're seeing taking place in the Senate is a victory for Arizona," Brewer responded.

Brewer was talking about something else, but failed to make that clear. She meant to say an amendment to spend more on border security was the victory, but confused watchers thought she endorsed the immigration bill, which she has since clarified she doesn't.

8.) Mostly incoherent rambling at the RNC

This one kind of needs to be heard for the full effect. This was Brewer's 30-second slot at the Republican National Convention, and there may have never been so many awkward things crammed into a 30-second speech before.

Some guy standing too close to the microphone informed the governor, "They love ya," as Brewer declared that Mitt Romney is a "westerner at heart," before muttering either "go west" or "good old west" -- which doesn't really make sense either way. She also tried to avoid saying that three of Arizona's delegates defected to Ron Paul, and it's a mild miracle that people clapped for any of it.

7.) Doing "something illegal" makes you "an illegal"

Brewer has probably the world's most nonsense defense of the phrase "illegal immigrant," a phrase that some see as degrading.

Brewer explained that doing something illegal makes you "an illegal," to which we noted that driving under the influence after a couple of glasses of scotch and rear-ending a minivan must not be illegal, or else Arizona apparently has "an illegal" for governor.

"To me they're illegal immigrants," Brewer told ABC News. "When you break the law, you're doing something illegal, that makes you an illegal, so they are illegal immigrants."


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