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10 Strangest Things That Have Come Out of Jan Brewer's Mouth in the Last Year

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6.) Border Patrol agent shot by friendly fire? That damn Obama.

After a Border Patrol agent was killed near Bisbee in October, Brewer said Arizonans should be angry.

"Righteous anger -- at the kind of evil that causes sorrow this deep, and at the federal failure and political stalemate that has left our border unsecured and our Border Patrol in harm's way," she said in a statement. "Four fallen agents in less than two years is the result."

"It has been 558 days since the Obama administration declared the security of the U.S.-Mexico border 'better now than it has ever been.' I'll remember that statement today."

The FBI says it looked like friendly fire, so it looks like the Obama administration might book off the hook for that one.

5.) Term limit of "no more than two" has "ambiguity"

For the past couple of years, the Arizona Republic has written multiple stories about Brewer's wish to run for an unconstitutional third term, and it's funny every time they write it.

"Brewer has said there is 'ambiguity' in the Constitution, saying she does not read it as barring her from serving 21/4 terms," the last report said.

The funny thing is, the Arizona Constitution states, exactly, "No member of the executive department shall hold that office for more than two consecutive terms."

4.) "Where the hell did that come from?"

Brewer went face-to-face with 3TV's political reporter, Dennis Welch, as she allegedly "slugged" him for asking a question about her belief in global warming.

"Where the hell did that come from?" she asked, as she was about to walk into a meeting that had a global-warming discussion on the agenda.

Sadly, her actual answer to Welch's question was much, much worse . . .

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