10 Types of People You'll See in Downtown Phoenix

There are some common types of people you'll see in Downtown Phoenix.

Below, check out the 10 types of downtowners you'l'l see most often:

10.) People obviously going to the convention center

You can usually make a pretty good guess of what's going on at the convention center by profiling the people walking towards it. Nerds? Must be Comicon. Or maybe just an accounting convention.

9.) People who just got out of the Fourth Avenue Jail

Ever seen someone downtown carrying a clear garbage bag? Now you know. 8.) Baseball fans

Eighty-one days a year.

7.) Homeless people

Unfortunate truth. 6.) Teenage girls

10 Types of People You'll See in Downtown Phoenix

If there's a Jonas Brothers concert, or something similar, you'll know it -- teenage girls are at U.S. Airways Center or Comerica Theatre hours before those doors open.

5.) Government employees

Or, people with badges flapping around on their belts. 4.) People going to court

They usually look like they've never worn a shirt with buttons before.

3.) People who look like lawyers

Suit + briefcase + Audi = lawyer starter kit. 2.) No one (on a summer day)

People aren't down for walking on 120,000-degree days.

1.) People who can't drive

Yes, we're talking about you, person who drives at 11 mph around downtown. Also you, person who is extremely confused by each and every one-way street. Also you, person who's not sure if were turning HERE (brakes), or is it HERE (brakes), oh no it's definitely HERE (brakes), okay maybe one more (brakes). And it's somehow always the person driving 6.5 mph and braking every six feet who nearly murders the pedestrian.

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