12 News Anchor Mark Curtis Does Not Deny That His Mustache Causes Female Orgasms

12 News anchor Mark Curtis stopped short of confirming that his porn-star mustache does indeed help women reach orgasm, but did address comedy-news guy Stephen Colbert's accusation that it does just that.

Curtis did say on the 12 News newscast last night that his mustache has "mystical and therapeutic powers," which pretty much sounds like he can get the ladies to peak.

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Now, Curtis is challenging Colbert to come to Phoenix, specifically the 12 News studio, to come hang out.

Since Colbert called Curtis "this guy" on the Colbert Report, it doesn't seem that the two actually know each other, for what it's worth.

Curtis also called out Colbert for being a little Frenchy with that Colb-air pronunciation, instead of Col-bert, so there's a TV-guy battle brewing, or something.

There's also a Twitter account called "Mark Curtis Mustache," with postings from the perspective of the mustache. Based on the "tweets" -- which include a total lack of dirty jokes involving getting ladies off -- it seems like Curtis, or someone at 12 News, may actually be running a parody Twitter account for a mustache.

Anyway, Curtis' segment on the topic from yesterday can be found below:

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