50 Reasons Phoenix Is the Best City in the United States

In our opinion, Phoenix is the best city in America.

Check out 50 reasons:

50.) Medical marijuana

49.) Sky Harbor airport has awesome restaurants

48.) Frank Lloyd Wright architecture

47.) South Mountain is cool

46.) Light rail

45.) More golf courses than you know what to do with

44.) Our pests are more badass than the rest of the country

43.) A judge has finally clamped down on the crazy sheriff

42.) The grid system of streets

41.) A lot of breweries

40.) Rain? Not likely

39.) Chase Field is consistently the cheapest place to see a baseball game

38.) Low cost of living

37.) Natural disasters? Also unlikely

36.) No need to invest in jackets and coats

35.) All kinds of professional arts

34.) Solar power works pretty well

33.) Spring training

32.) The weather is so good that some Canadians treat Phoenix as a second home

31.) The city (and its neighbors) host major sporting events and championships

30.) Awesome museums

29.) Camelback Mountain

28.) The highways are in good condition (if you've recently driven in the south, you know what we mean)

27.) Phoenix residents are from all over the place

26.) Your choice of water parks

25.) Phoenix New Times (sorry)

24.) Architecture not related to Frank Lloyd Wright

23.) Alcohol and candy made with cactus fruit

22.) Let's face it -- dust storms look cool

21.) If your oven breaks, you can always bake cookies on your dashboard

20.) All of the other places to hike that aren't Camelback or South Mountain

19.) First Friday

18.) With no rust issues, it's a hotbed for classic cars

17.) It's the nation's largest state capital

16.) The economic outlook is allegedly very positive

15.) The Phoenix Zoo is one of the best

14.) All the desert landscapes

13.) The heat -- it's good fer ya

12.) Hotel pools -- all of them

11.) No messing around with Daylight Saving Time

10.) Teams from all four major sports

9.) Cacti

8.) Food

7.) More specifically, Mexican food

6.) It's one of the biggest cities, by area and population, in the U.S.

5.) Proximity (Flagstaff, San Diego, Orange County, Mexico, and more)

4.) Just say "no" to humidity

3.) As far as big cities are concerned, Phoenix has the lightest traffic

2.) "Winter"

1.) Sunsets

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