A Secretary's Revenge

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But Vasquez's eye for wrongdoing extends far beyond the attorney general's behavior as a parent.

Offshore bank accounts, money laundering, hookers, real estate developers cavorting with underage girls--it's all connected, according to Vasquez. There are enormous conspiracies.

"Just look at this," says Vasquez, handing over a sheet of paper for inspection.

The paper is blank except for a single paragraph.
An inmate "who is currently incarcerated at Alhambra jail indicated that a woman, not further identified, and recently released from jail at Alhambra, informed the inmate of the following: The woman, who was in jail with the inmate, had embezzled $900,000 quite some time ago from an unknown company. Grant Woods was the woman's attorney and he was allegedly paid $150,000 from the embezzled money to defend her. The female embezzler claims to have told Woods that if she was convicted, Woods should take the balance of the $900,000 and invest it on her behalf. The woman embezzler now claims that Woods does not recall such an arrangement and she is unable to get access to the embezzled funds."

Vasquez sits at the table in Oscar Taylor restaurant and spreads out the files of paranoia and jailhouse gossip she has collected on Attorney General Grant Woods. There is barely room left for her teacup.

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