ADL Director Says Senator Russell Pearce Needs Sensitivity Training; That Sounds About Right

The Arizona Legislature's resident redneck, Senator Russell Pearce, is under fire for an offensive e-mail he sent to his legislative colleagues last week, and the director of the Anti-Defamation League thinks the senator should be more sensitive.

The e-mail in question tells the story of an illegal immigrant in California awarded millions of dollars after being savagely beaten in prison.

That's not the offensive part.

The part of the e-mail that has the ADL and others up in arms is the part where the man's lawyer is mentioned -- a man named Mark Eisenberg. After the first mention of the man's name, somebody inserted the words "no shit," which seems to imply that nobody but a scheister, Jew attorney would get involved in such a vile lawsuit.

Pearce maintains that he isn't the one who included the comment in the article, that he was merely passing it on to his fellow legislators. Bill Straus, director of the ADL, doesn't buy Pearce's explanation.   

"There isn't a Jewish person on the planet who wouldn't find this offensive," Straus tells the Arizona Guardian. "I think Mr. Pearce needs to take a sensitivity course before he sends another e-mail."

Pearce refuses to reveal who sent him the e-mail and when pressed about the offensive nature of it, he tells the Guardian, "I don't care. They can delete it if they don't like it."

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