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Al Sharpton's Former Phoenix Protege, Jarrett Maupin II, Doesn't Agree Sheriff Arpaio's Office Racially Profiles

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Disgraced local activist and former Phoenix school board member Jarrett Maupin II was once Al Sharpton's treasured Arizona connection.

We're not sure what Sharpton, who's coming to Phoenix on Friday, thinks about Maupin's shameful conviction for lying to the FBI about Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Maupin's former political opponent.

But the pair seem to be at odds concerning accusations that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration tactics utilize racial profiling. Contrast these two recorded statements:

Sharpton: "We must stop Arpaio to stop the spread of racial profiling."

Maupin: "First thing they asked me was ... did I think that the Sheriff was doing racial profiling? I told them no, because you know, I don't ... I don't think that, you know..."

Maupin, who told the New York Post last year that he began a chapter of Sharpton's National Action Network using $25,000 of his own money, made the above statement to a deputy with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office while under investigation for lying about Gordon. Maupin was referring to questions asked of him by FBI agents about Arpaio.

"I think it's more political than anything else over immigration ... and I think that, you know, just some people are trying to make the sheriff into something that he isn't," Maupin told the deputy in April of 2008. "Maybe some of the right-wing people are ... a little bit hard on the folks on the left-hand side. I'd like to take the religious approach."

One of the two FBI agents who had showed up to visit Maupin "seemed like he's trying to find some way to ...paint the Sheriff's Office like it's being discriminatory and that's, you know, I'm not even going down that road with him," he stated.

Maupin wrapped up the conversation by telling the deputy that the FBI visit could be related to Gordon's effort to sic the U.S. Justice Department on Arpaio.

"I don't want to get involved because I don't agree with what [Gordon's] alleging," Maupin said.

Maupin apparently is no longer involved with Sharpton's NAN. The group lists Glendale resident Robert Miller Jr. as the local chapter's president.

Sharpton may not even meet with his Phoenix mini-me, who was kicked off the school board after his conviction.

One thing seems certain: Maupin's dad isn't likely to serve again as Sharpton's driver.

UPDATE: Maupin says he does believe, after all, that the sheriff's office racially profiles.

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