ALIPAC -- Of "Send-Me-an-Email-So-I-Can-Shove-it-Up-Your-A**" Fame -- Still Workin' J.D. Hayworth Campaign

As more and more media outlets continue to write the political obituary of Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth, the political action committee Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) continues to hit the phones in support of Hayworth.

A little background: ALIPAC got some heat earlier this year for having the words "wetback," "taco bender," "wetback roundup," and "pepper belly" appear on its Web site in reference to Hispanics. We called the organization's founder, William Gheen, to ask him about the comments and, using a charming brand of hillbilly-speak, Gheen told us the next time we had a question to not call but email him so he could shove the hard copy "up our ass."

As homoerotic as email sodomy may sound, Gheen apparently is no fan of the fagala.

A few months after Hayworth refused to disavow an endorsement from the group -- following the "wetback" "pepper-belly" fiasco -- Gheen gave a speech in which he requested that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham "come out of that log cabin closet" and admit he's gay.

Check out the video below. 

Graham, as far as we know, is not gay. Gheen, it appears, is just a rumor-starting dick.

Hayworth got some heat over Gheen's comments and later denounced them out of political necessity.

Now that we're all caught up to speed on ALIPAC, the latest news is that despite Hayworth's denouncing Gheen's comments, the group is still backing Hayworth in his last-ditch effort to defy the odds and pull out a victory in tomorrow's GOP primary.

According to an article penned by former Andrew Thomas cheerleader Rachel Alexander -- found on the Intellectual Conservative Web site -- ALIPAC staffers are still manning the phones and making calls in support of Hayworth as part of what Alexander calls a "last minute surge of support from Arizona tea parties."

Traditionally, racially charged language, baseless accusations that someone's a homosexual, and threats of paper-inflicted sodomy are red flags for someone running for office. Apparently not Hayworth.

And this is just one of the seemingly endless reasons we -- like most media outlets watching the race -- expect Hayworth to be beaten like a rented mule in tomorrow's primary.

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