An MCSO Officer Craves an Alleged Terrorist’s John Hancock, Plus Religious Insanity at Phoenix Symphony Hall

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Actually, it was Arpaio who asked the important question to CNN's Sanchez in a rebuttal to Morton's comments on an earlier show.

"If we violated [civil rights]," growled Joe, "why did ICE accept them over the weekend with no other charge than being here illegally?"

Because Barack Obama, and his Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano, and her assistant secretary in charge of ICE, John Morton, are hypocrites, Joe. It's all a farce, where the Obama-ites pretend to be Sir Galahad & Co., while Joe continues his regular shtick of trampling human beings.


As if you needed more proof of the general incompetence and idiocy at work in Arpaio's jails (as if the pile of corpses and the $43 million in lawsuit payouts — in part, because of them — wouldn't give you pause) there's autograph-hound John Hansen, a member of the sheriff's — ahem — "intelligence" unit in the jails.

It's from whom Hansen wanted an autograph that's the problem: white supremacist Dennis Mahon. See, Dennis, along with his twin brother, Daniel, are being held in the Fourth Avenue Jail, awaiting trial on charges related to the 2004 mail-bombing of Scottsdale's Office of Diversity and Dialogue, which seriously injured that office's director, Don Logan, as well as others.

Hansen wanted Dennis Mahon's John Hancock on the book Others Unknown: The Oklahoma City Bombing Case and Conspiracy by Stephen Jones. Jones was the chief defense counsel for Timothy McVeigh, the ex-Army soldier found guilty and executed for the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Dennis Mahon, who apparently palled around with McVeigh, is mentioned in the book, and he even suggested it as reading material for Hansen.

Alas, Hansen never got his autograph, and he never even finished reading the book. So much for MCSO "intelligence." How do I know? Well, Hansen had to explain himself recently in federal court to U.S. District Judge David Campbell. The Mahons' lawyers were using Hansen's genius move as part of a motion to dismiss the charges against the pair.

Dennis' lawyer, Deborah Williams, asserted in her motion that Hansen's autograph-seeking was part of a half-wit effort to get Mahon to talk to authorities, even though he had already invoked in writing his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to remain silent and to have his counsel present at any meetings with agents of the government. Daniel's attorney, Barbara Hull, also alleged that MCSO guards had asked her client about the Scottsdale bombing.

In addition, defense attorneys argued that the 58-year-old brothers should be moved to a federal facility because of the hideous conditions in Arpaio's jails. The brothers are kept in isolation cells and are allowed no contact with each other.

For his part, Hansen admitted that he talked to Dennis Mahon about the possibility of discussing Dennis' involvement in the Ku Klux Klan. And he copped to asking for the autograph, but he didn't want it for himself, he claimed. Rather, he wanted to see how Dennis Mahon would respond. Remember, he's in intelligence.

This Sand Land Barney Fife could have royally screwed up the U.S. Attorney's case against the Mahons if he hadn't been nipped in the bud.

Judge Campbell denied the motion to dismiss the case and refused to order the Mahons transferred out of MCSO custody. (But let's be honest: That'd be the only way to make certain Arpaio's deputy dawgs don't mess up with these high-profile prisoners in the future.)

Campbell did order the sheriff's badged bumblers not to communicate with the Mahons. He also ordered that the other detention officers who had jawboned with the alleged domestic terrorists be identified.

According to the indictment, the Mahons are alleged to have committed the Scottsdale bombing to "promote racial discord on behalf of the White Aryan Resistance." W.A.R., as it was once called, is neo-Nazi Tom Metzger's one-man hate band, which he runs as, and now refers to as The Insurgent.

Ironically, the Mahons and Metzger are just the type of people who dig Joe's brown-bashing ways. So if Hansen or any other MCSO jailer really did want Dennis Mahon's autograph, maybe they could secretly trade him for one of Joe's.


There were Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) witnessing to passersby. And there were members of the Phoenix group We Hold These Truths carrying placards denouncing Israel's treatment of Gaza, often with gruesome pics of bloody children.

Add to them a well-heeled crowd headed to a Christian-Zionist event sponsored by a Texas televangelist, and a trio inexplicably voicing support for John Demjanjuk, the Cleveland auto worker once accused of being Ivan the Terrible from the Holocaust camps.

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