Anthony Crespin has a lot of saliva.
Anthony Crespin has a lot of saliva.
Gilbert PD

Anthony Crespin Spit in a Cop Car So Much That It Was Out Of Commission for Multiple Days

How much saliva do you have to unleash inside a cop car to make that car unusable for multiple days?

That's probably a question for 42-year-old Gilbert resident Anthony Crespin, who did exactly that over the weekend.

According to a brief from Gilbert police, the cops were called to Crespin's place for allegedly assaulting his wife Friday evening.

After being arrested, Crespin chatted with police about a murder/suicide, and said multiple times that he would not allow his wife to live any longer once he got out of jail, according to police.

While Crespin was being taken to jail, he kept spitting at the officer, so when he finally made it to jail, he was placed in a restraint chair with a spit-shield.

According to Gilbert police, "The police vehicle was downed for service until Monday when service master could respond to clean up the saliva from the passenger seat and dash."

We have a call out to Gilbert police to find out exactly -- or approximately -- how much saliva we're talking about here, so we'll update you on that.

In the meantime, here's a spit-related Seinfeld clip:

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